Hole 15

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  • Post published:January 15, 2022
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The 15th is another tough driving hole that has the large Ficus tree just past a canal running across the fairway. You have out of bounds running down the left side. The best tee shot is a little draw toward the fairway sand bunker on the right and turning it just past the large Ficus tree just past the canal and on the left side of the fairway.

You have a lake running right of the fairway sand bunkers to just past the green on the right. The green has water to the right and a sand bunker between the green and the water on the right. Your second shot, if you’ve navigated your drive correctly, will be a short iron into the green. Good chance for a birdie if you were able to stay out of trouble with your tee shot.

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Hole 14

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The 14th is a slight dogleg right that requires a carry over a canal with your drive. You can take two different approaches to your drive: you can hit a little fade and follow the dogleg, or you can take it over the trees with a little draw into the fairway.

Either way be careful because if you don’t fade it or over hook it you’ll find water running from the canal to the green on the left side of the hole. Once you’ve found the fairway you’ll most likely have a short iron into the green. You don’t want to be long since it’s out of bounds just beyond the green. The green slopes down from right to left and has a bunker behind the green and left.

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Hole 13

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The 13th is a par 5 that has another intimidating tee shot. This hole was a region finalist in the John Deere “Beautifully Brutal” golf hole competition. Most players will have to keep their ball short of the canal that runs across the fairway.

If you want to attack the hole, drive across the canal, but make sure you are mindful of the out of bounds running down the right side of the hole. Your second shot is decision time; you need to decide if it’s worth the risk to go for the green.

Our recommendation is to pick the yardage you want to approach the green from and choose the appropriate club to leave your second shot at that distance. The left side of the fairway has several sand bunkers after the canal and then water running to the green. The green is protected by sand bunkers left of the green and behind the green. A lay up of the drive and a conservative second shot can give you a great shot at par. If you decide to challenge the hole you make like your score and you may not.

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