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Hole 11 • Par 4

The 11th hole is a dogleg left and one of the most scenic holes on the course. It’s a short hole but has a very intimidating visual tee shot. You will be looking down a funnel for your tee shot to the fairway which makes it look like a really tight landing area. You have a canal running in front of the fairway that is not visible from the tee box. There is a lake that runs from the canal to left side of the green. The best shot for a right-hander is a little draw out of the tunnel and into the fairway. But be careful, too much draw and you’ll find the lake. Once you’re in the fairway you’ll have a short iron into the geen. The green is protected by a sand bunker on the left front. The green is narrow front to back. The green slopes from back to front and right to left so the green will hold your second shot but be careful where you leave your putt. You don’t want to be long with your approach shot since you have a cart path and out of bounds behind the green. If the pin is on the left side of the green you should play it safe away from the sand bunker. You might end up with a tough downhill putt, but your approach shot won’t be swimming with the fishes.

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