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Hole 3 • Par 5

This par 5 is another opportunity to pick up a lost stroke. From the back tee you’ll have a 200 yard carry to get over the water and if you push your drive you might end up in a lateral hazard, so it’s better to stay a little down the left on your drive. There are bunkers right and left about midway down the fairway and if you hit two good shots they shouldn’t be a problem, but miss hit one of your shots and you’ll find yourself with a long sand bunker shot into the green. On your second shot you need to be aware of the water and sand bunkers left, plus if you hit down the right side of the fairway the ball has a tendency to funnel down toward the green. Just like the second shot the green is guarded on the left and right by sand bunkers. The putting surface is long and slopes back to front. This should be a relative short iron into the green so take advantage and with some good shots you can get another shot back with a birdie.

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