Course Update and Traffic Rerouting

As you are aware, construction is taking place near the #10 tee and the path leading from holes 4 and 18 due to the Tribby Arts Center project. Much of the work that lays ahead will occur near this area. While we were hopeful that this portion of construction would occur simultaneous to the back nine closure for re-seeding, this will not be the case due to the need to ensure the Tribby Arts Center project remains on schedule.

The team has looked at a variety of options to minimize the effect on the golf course and players. Access to the path that takes you from #4 & #18 out to On Par Boulevard will not be available. We will reroute play over to #10 which will affect the play for that hole as we will need to need to push all of the tees forward. Our hope is to maintain #10 as a short par 4, but it may possibly be a par 3. The rerouting is scheduled to take place beginning Feb. 17 and will continue to the closure of the back nine.

We understand how much of an inconvenience the elements of construction have been. In appreciation for your understanding and support, we will be offering a discount during the annual membership renewal process. Following the Summer as the work is complete, we look forward to a spectacular golf course for everyone to enjoy. If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you,
Paul Fitzpatrick
Director of Golf
Shell Point Retirement Community